If you're interested in DIY, use the links at the top of this page for additional information.  Building a DIY
cintiq in the way described here protects your tablet warranty. You generally don't need to dismantle/cut
or damage your expensive wacom/other tablet. There are also options for the more adventurous DIYers
who are prepared to disassemble their tablet.  

Why build your own Cintiq like device? Simple, Cintiqs are cool but expensive.  DIY is more affordable
and easy to do. Watch the short video above to see just how easy it is.  

Enclosures are often the most difficult part of the process, so this site supplies designs for them. You
can have the design laser cut by Ponoko.com or an alternate laser cutting service.  Details for which
designs to use for what tablet and the additional components you'll need to source are on the
The videos (
here ) on this site show how a DIY Cintiq project can be completed with relative ease by
anyone. Also rather than taking weeks or months the construction takes hours. The result is a solid
acrylic (or whatever material you choose) DIY tablet that does everything a Cintiq does.  No complex
electronics knowledge is required. No workshop, no power tools. If you already have a tablet, it should
cost less than $250 to build a solid DIY Cintiq.

Here is how it works:

A Cintiq is simply an LCD panel on top of a Wacom tablet.  So to make one yourself, just place an LCD
panel on top of a Wacom tablet.  The pen is detected by the Wacom tablet, not the screen.  

You need a
1) Wacom tablet - Intuos4 XL, Intuos4 Large,  Intuos4 Medium, Intuos3 A4 (9x12)  
2) An Enclosure for self assembly that is laser cut from acrylic or whatever material you choose (ponoko
has a range of different materials and colours to choose from).
3) An LCD or LED panel depending on the kit.
4) A Controller which drives the panel.  This allows the panel to be connected to your computers display  
output by VGA or DVI depending on the particular controller.

Customer comments:  

“Got the enclosure assembled, easy as cake.”

“Just got the kit up and running and so far I'm very pleased with the product.”

“DONE! It is built and it is GLORIOUS!..”
EZ CINTIQ. How to build a DIY Cintiq, it's  easier than a DIY PC!
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